Things to know before you go on a Camel Safari in Jaisalmer

Reaching Us

Hi, did you know that Jaisalmer Fort is the only fort in India that is still inhabited by the local residents of the fort.

Well, we too are located in the old Jaisalmer city inside the Fort and there are numerous ways of reaching us once you are in Jaisalmer. You may take a cab or call us and we’ll arrange a pick-up for you (extra charges apply).

  • The airport is about 14 kms away.
  • The railway station is almost 2 kms away.
  • The main bus stand is hardly 1 km away.

What's Included

It is always good to know what all is included in the camel safari.

Camel Ride
We have a policy of one camel per person, except in the camel safari with cultural programme and the one with a Swiss tent. You might also have to share a camel in case you are travelling with children below the age of 4 years. You might want to share a camel with a child between the age of 4-6, but that is entirely at your sole discretion.
Jeep Support
We offer jeep support from Jaislamer to the Dunes and from the Dunes back to Jaisalmer. You will travel in a jeep which will be shared with other guests. However, you may choose to travel separately, but in that case, you will have to hire a jeep privately by paying extra.
Freshly-prepared Vegetarian Meals
We will cook fresh vegetarian meals, i.e. breakfast, lunch, dinner, chai/coffee and snacks depending on your departure/arrival time. You will also be provided with adequate bottled water. Please let us know if you have any specific dietary requirements.
Access to our Guest House
We will also offer you a secure luggage storage and the use of our guesthouse facilities for showering and resting both before & after your safari.
We will offer you proper, clean and comfortable bedding for overnight tours like sleeping bags/mattresses and plenty of blankets. However, you are welcome to bring a sleeping bag if you have one, but it isn’t required. You might want to sleep in a camping tent, but that will be at an additional cost.
Free Transportation

We will offer you free pick-up service from your hotel/guest house on the day of your safari — just let us know your hotel name or arrival time. We can also arrange a pickup from any hotel outside the fort otherwise the starting point is the Shiva Guest House & Café.

Kindly note: The pick-up or the reporting time is half an hour before the scheduled start of your safari.


There’s nothing as good as adding more honey to your toast. You may add these to your camel safari to experience:

Non-Veg Meals
We serve vegetarian meals like daal, rice, chapatti, vegetables curries, pakora, etc. on our regular trips. However, non-veg meals can be provided as well for an additional cost. Both mutton and chicken are available and will be cooked fresh at the campsite. Please get in touch with us for further details.
Music & Dance Programme

These programmes consist of groups of approx. 4/5 singers, dancers and musicians from the local gypsy community who perform and dance to the Marwari music. The music is played using traditional Rajasthani instruments. The performance lasts for approximately two hours.

We can arrange a private performance for you/your group, or you can choose to share the performance with any other guests who happen to be on safari with you. Please note, that this is not applicable for the Half-Day Sunset Camel Safari and is already included int the Camel Safari with Swiss tent.

Please ask us for the current prices.

Staying in a Tent

Spending the night out in the open under the stars is a truly magical experience, but you may choose to sleep in a 2/3/4-person trekking tent (unfurnished – standard bedding provided) for a small additional fee per night (depending on tent size you choose).

Please ask us for further details.

Our trips include visits to the Kuldhara Village and the Jassu Oasis (or a desert village if requested), though we can also provide additional visits to other historical monuments and other desert village locations. Due to time constraints this is recommended only for travel on our multi-day tours.
Private Safari

Usually we will form a group from the guests who book for a particular day, but if you’d prefer a private trip – riding and camping away from other guests – this can be arranged for free, provided you are a minimum of two people. Please let us know about this at the time of booking.

Note: you may have to share a jeep with other customers unless you wish to pay for the hire of a private jeep.

What to Carry

The best thing one can do while travelling is to carry light but choose smartly. This is what we would suggest you for a great experience.

Clothing & Accessories
  • A Long-sleeved shirt and long comfortable trousers.
  • Sunglasses, sunhat, and a scarf.
  • During winters, a warm jacket or a shawl for the evenings and mornings is enough.
  • Please carry hand sanitizers or soaps, paper soaps preferred but please don't litter around.
  • Toilet Paper or wipes, but please bag-and-bin after use to dispose them properly back in Jaisalmer.
Recreational Items
  • A torch (flashlight) as there is no light source available at the campsite.
  • For morning departures / late afternoon returns, please get some books, cards, music etc. to keep you occupied during the long lunch break.
  • A nice Camera to click beautiful pictures.
    Note: Please be very careful with the electronic equipment as the sand can easily enter the device..
Medication & Prescription Glasses
  • Please bring any medication you think you might need.
  • We don’t recommend wearing contact lenses as very fine sand can easily get through them. So, kindly bring your prescription glasses instead.

Additional Information

We believe in keeping complete transparency and we don't want to deceive you in any way. So we have a small policy for your good as well as for the betterment of the environment.

Campfire & Light
  • Campfires are lit during the winters (approximately between November and February, depending on the weather).
  • We do not light a campfire during the summer months as the light can draw insects to the campsite.

    Please do note that, for the same reason, no fixed light source is available at the campsite. So, we recommend that you bring your own torch (flashlight) and limit its use.

Jeep-only Option

While the desert landscape is best experienced from the back of a camel, the jeep is available for anyone who cannot or does not wish to ride a camel. If you would like to try a shorter ride at the dunes, just to get a taste of camel riding, this can be arranged as well.

Please note that the jeep route is mostly on roads and farm tracks – it does not follow the camel route and is not a dedicated ‘jeep safari’ as such. It is just an alternative means of reaching the campsite.

Basic Facilities

There are no washing/bathroom facilities available after leaving Jaisalmer. Please try to minimize the use of toilet paper: it spoils the dunes and is very difficult as well as quite unpleasant for our staff to clean it up. We recommend that you adopt the local method of washing with water. If you do use toilet paper, please do not bury it or leave it in the open as the desert is a very fragile environment. We would request you to either bag-and-bin or burn it (we can offer you a matchbox).

The wet wipes must be bagged and returned to the town for proper disposal.

  • Children aged 4-6 years will be charged half the price of the camel safari and they must share a camel with a responsible adult guardian.
  • Children aged 7 and over will be charged full price and can ride their own camel at their guardian’s discretion.
  • There is no charge for children under the age of 4. We do not recommend overnight safaris for very young children, but we do recommend our half day sunset camel safari for them.

For safety reasons, children under the age of 4 will not be permitted to ride camels, even when accompanied by an adult, as both parties need to be capable of holding on to the saddle horn/ropes for the duration of the ride until and unless you are wearing a good baby carrier on your back or else they must remain in the jeep and should be accompanied by an adult guardian at all times.

Want to talk?
Please call us at +91 77260 35662

We respect our guests and consider them as a part of our family. If you are interested in travelling with us or have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with us. After all, we're friends and we would be glad to be a part of an amazing experience.

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